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Imagine you had the confidence, skills & ability to build and manage your own WordPress site!


Stop Wasting Time, Money & Energy

Building a website shouldn’t feel like banging your head against the wall 

STOP endlessly searching for help
DON’T spend anymore money on web developers
DON’T lose anymore business

Learn WordPress from the ground up. Build a manageable, attractive website. Get back to business.  

Your Hassle-Free Website Plan

Getting Started is Easy!!

  1. Sign up for WordPress Mastery
  2. Walk through the course
  3. LOVE your site

Online WordPress Training—your time, your way, anywhere

Get Ready to Eliminate Obstacles

The ones that have kept you from creating a beautiful, manageable website

WordPress Mastery is for anyone who ever wanted to build a website but didn’t know where to start. We take you all the way from logging into the Dashboard to Launch! NO CODE REQUIRED.

You’ll build your site faster with step-by-step, in-depth instructions. AND you’ll get the skills manage it and update it—saving you time and money.  

No matter your WordPress experience, we will demystify the Dashboard, the Block Editor and teach you styling and design tips. With Q & A in each lesson, your every question will be answered.

If you have a WordPress website that you can’t figure out, the problem may not be with WordPress. Was your website built using a page builder—a third-party add-on that isn’t part of WordPress? If you’re a frustrated Page Builder User, reach out, we can help you.

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