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Own your website | What every website owner needs to know

Take back the ownership of your website

Whether setting up your own website or hiring a web designer to handle the process for you, make sure you own your own site and know exactly where to
When writing feels like hard work

Kick Start Your Blogging

At one time or another we've all struggled with putting pen to paper. We've paced up and down with writer’s block. And we’ve written and deleted multiple times. Writing
Akismet | Dealing with Comment Spam

Akismet – Dealing with Comment Spam

Akismet is the first WordPress plugin that you'll encounter because it comes bundled with the WordPress core installation files. Akismet was created by the creators of WordPress to fight
Move your blog from WordPress .com to .org

Moving WordPress from .com to .org

Bloggers who start out on WordPress.com may later decide that a self-hosted WordPress.org site is a better choice for them. If you’re in that position, this blog post will
how to log in to WordPress

How to log in to WordPress

New to WordPress and don't know where or how to log in? If you are on shared hosting you may have had to install WordPress yourself through a cPanel.
How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress yourself

Update - November 2015: We now only recommend WordPress Managed Hosting. If you choose one of our recommended hosts, WordPress will be automatically installed for you. You don't need
Color Cop: choosing website colours (for Windows)

Color Cop: choosing website colours (for Windows)

If you are using a Mac, read about ColorNote a free Mac Color Picker tool. When customizing a WordPress theme, you can also change many of your theme colours
Updating DNS Domain Name Servers

DNS: Domain Name Servers

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. Pointing the DNS is the process of telling the domain registrar the address for the server that hosts your website files. If you've
Point your domain name to your web host

Pointing Your Domain Name to Your Web Host

To start your own website or self-hosted blog, you need to register a domain name and signup for hosting. You then need to point the domain name to the
Free Image editing with Pixlr

Free Image Editing with Pixlr

Edit & Size Your Blog images for Free Blog posts and web pages really look much better when they include a picture or two. In the most recent versions
A Beginner's Guide to FTP & FIlezilla

A Beginner’s Guide to FTP & Filezilla

What is an FTP Program used for? Your computer is not connected to your WordPress site. WordPress files live in a directory on your host company's servers. An FTP program
Registering your domain name

Registering your domain name

Before you begin your WordPress Website journey, you'll have to register a domain name. A domain name is a unique address that can be used on the Internet. It’s
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