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LearnWP offers in-person and online WordPress workshops so that anyone—business owners, individuals and marketing managers—can build, customize, manage and optimize a website with WordPress. We’ve expanded our workshop offerings so now, you can learn online, at an in-person workshop in Toronto or via one-on-one training.

LearnWP is the collaboration of Ruth Maude of Dandelion Web Design and Dawn Comber of Digital Dialogues. Ruth brings her design and development expertise. Dawn adds the content, word-smithing flare. Both enjoy adding SEO to the mix. For more information, contact us.

About our Instructors

Dawn Comber

Dawn Comber

Digital Dialogues
Oakville, ON

As a web copywriter, I write concise online content for small businesses, marketers and individuals. I specialize in search engine optimized copy and content for WordPress.

I write and edit website marketing content, blog posts and articles.

I love gardening—especially veggie gardening. When I’m not helping clients, you’ll find me at my community plot.

Ruth Maude

Ruth Maude

Dandelion Web Design
Toronto, ON

I design and build custom WordPress themes and websites for my clients so I’m working in WordPress every day.

I take pleasure in helping others learn more about this wonderful platform. I’m good at translating geek speak into plain language.

I’m a visual artist painting with molten beeswax, a medium known as encaustic. My art blog is All Things Encaustic.

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