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At LearnWP, we blog about all things WordPress and we’re here to help you! The WordPress training posts you’ll find here are free tips and tutorials as a companion to our WordPress Mastery Online Course.

What to Do When You've Lost Your WordPress Password

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your WordPress Password

Did you know that there are several way to reset your WordPress password when you've lost it? The most common way is by using the “Forgot Password” link. But
What's New with WordPress 6.3?

What’s New with WordPress 6.3?

WordPress 6.3 was released on August 7, 2023. In this post, we highlight the new changes that you can apply to your site straight away and we help you
3 Common Mistakes WordPress Beginners Make

3 Common Mistakes WordPress Beginners Make

Updated from a post originally published August 2015. In this post, we discuss three common mistakes WordPress beginners (and many seasoned bloggers) make. In most cases these three things
Openverse in WordPress

Openverse in WordPress

Helping Content Creators Find & Use Free Content Openverse is a Creative Commons project that aims to make it easier for content creators to find and use free content.
How to Create A Link in Bio Page

How to Create A Link in Bio Page

How to Create an Easy Link in Bio Page For Your Instagram Profile In our last post, we introduced WordPress Patterns. One of our favourite patterns is the LinkTree
Introducing WordPress Block Patterns

Introducing WordPress Patterns

WordPress Block Patterns are pre-designed collections of blocks that you can insert into a page or post to create more complex layouts and designs without coding. You can insert
How to Adjust WordPress Blocks for Mobile Display

How to Adjust WordPress Blocks for Mobile Display

Originally published August 2020. Updated June 2023. When you're creating your website, you're probably working from a desktop computer. But, here's the thing, most of your site visitors will
301 Redirect: Don't Delete a page or post → Redirect

301 Redirect: Don’t Delete a page or post → Redirect

Post updated June 2023. Restructuring your website doesn't need to cause errors. In this post we'll show you how to create what is known as a 301 redirect. What happens
Getting Started with Instagram

Getting Started with Instagram

Whether you're an artist who wants to sell and display your art or you're a business person who wants to showcase your products, Instagram is a great social media
10 Tips for Stronger Website Copy

10 Tips to Write Copy So People Will Read It

Grabbing people's attention online is getting harder all the time. Everyone is scrolling endlessly through emails, social media and websites. While there are other important elements on your page
How Do I Change My WordPress Username?

How Do I Change My WordPress Username?

Changing a WordPress Username isn't a one-step process. In fact, you need to take a few steps to change it. The easiest way is to create a New User
stronger web copy

How to Strengthen Your Web Copy Before You Publish

These days, people have a very short attention span. And you need strong web copy from beginning to end to get and keep their attention. Here are some tips
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