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3 Tips to Boost Your On-Page SEO

We often write about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website copy and no wonder – they go hand. Optimizing a site for search is commonly known as SEO. The aim of this post is to put into one place, our top tips for SEOing or optimizing your pages and posts for Google organic search.

#1 Start with Keywords

We repeatedly say that keywords form the foundation of on-page SEO. You want your content to match the terms/words that Google Searchers are using. If you don’t know what people are searching for and the words that they use; how can you show up in Google Search results?

In How to Hunt for Keywords, you’ll find out how to brainstorm a list of words that people use to describe you, your business and your products.

Next, read this post [SEO Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your Keyword List] to refine your list. These tools help you specifically with:

  • Finding related keywords
  • Monthly search volume
  • Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) – so you can find your competitors   

#2 Write for Readers ~ not Search Engines

It’s important that you write concisely on the web. The posts in Tip #2 will help you write with greater clarity and purpose.

Even though you target certain words and phrases in SEO copy, you are primarily addressing an audience. Meaning, know your keywords BUT write for your audience. Optimized copy will drive traffic to your website, but if the content doesn’t inform, inspire, entertain or engage your readers, you’ll lose them in a heartbeat. Millions of pages are at their fingertips.

This post provides tips for writing in both print and the web. Use these guidelines to turbocharge all of your writing.

The post “10 Commandments for Killer Copy” will give you additional tips for making your online content stronger.

#3 Edit for Some Added Polish and SEO Oomph

Tip #3 is all about editing ~ from keywords to formatting to your post/article structure. It’s always a good idea to give it one last walk through before you click publish. The post “Be a Better Blogger” will give you a checklist to ensure you’ve optimized using SEO and copywriting principles. And Before You Hit Publish offers some marketing tips mixed in with SEO tips.

And there you have it. Three tips to make your content optimized for your readers and search engines.

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