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LearnWP will help you get started with Pinterest the right way. We will show you how to setup your Pinterest boards to drive traffic to your WordPress blog posts. You’ll find tips for creating great images for your posts and your pins and learn about WordPress plugins we use and recommend.

Pinterest Best Pinning Practices

If you’ve been following our blog series 20 Tips to Polish your Pinterest Account  you’ve polished your Pinterest Profile and your Pinterest Boards are in great shape. Now it’s time to turn our attention to pins themselves. These final six tips will help you improve your pinning practice to ensure the quality of the pins, the quality of their links and the quality of the pin descriptions. 6 tips to help you Pin like a Pro 1.  Quality matters!  Both

8 Tips to Optimize Boards on Pinterest

This is the second installment in our three part series – 20 Tips to Polish your Pinterest Account so that your pins will show up well in Pinterest 6 steps to improve your Pinterest Profile 8 Tips to Optimize your Pinterest Boards and 6 tips to Pin like a Pro These steps will ensure that you are providing the Pinterest algorithm with the right information to display your pins to Pinners who share your interests. How to Optimize your Pinterest Boards 1.

20 Tips to Polish your Pinterest Account

When using Pinterest for business you want to start with a well optimized profile. Optimizing your profile, your boards and your pins will ensure that Pinterest displays your pins in Pinterest search results. Are you wanting to learn how to use Pinterest to promote your WordPress blog? You need to start with a Business Account. If you haven’t done this step head over to our tutorial Getting Started with Pinterest for your Business. We’ll walk you through creating a

The Art of Pinterest for WordPress

WordCamp Hamilton Presentation What is Pinterest? and Why You Should use it 4 Ways Pinterest will help you improve your WordPress Blog 4 Ways to Integrate Pinterest and WordPress The Art of Pinterest for WordPress – WordCamp Hamilton 2015 from Ruth Maude What is Pinterest? and Why You Should use it The notes for this section can be found here → What is Pinterest? and Why You Should use it 4 Ways Pinterest will help

4 Ways Pinterest will help you improve your WordPress Blog

In my WordCamp Hamilton Presentation – The Art of Pinterest for WordPress – We’ll discussed how using Pinterest can improve your blog. To make your blog Pinterest-friendly and sharable you’ll want to review every blog post you’ve ever published. If you’ve been blogging a long time, this can be a daunting task. I suggest that you begin with your most recent post and work your way back. 4 things to do on to make your blog Pinterest-friendly Create a new Pinnable image

A Guide to Creating and Managing Pinterest Group Boards

In our last Pinterest post we talked about Pinterest Collaborative Board Etiquette – 5 dos and 5 don’ts for pinning to collaborative boards as a board member. Now we will talk about how to setup your own Group board and give you 5 tips for managing the board. Group boards have the potential to be a great resources for their topic.  But Collaborative Boards that aren’t well managed can become a pinning free-for-all full of duplicate pins

A Guide to Pinterest Group Board Etiquette

Group boards are a great way for new Pinterest accounts to build a following and get their pins seen. Your Pins on Group boards will show up in the feed of all of the board’s followers, extending your reach to a wider Pinterest audience. In this Guide to Pinterest Group Board Etiquette we give you tips to be a good group board pinner. When everyone pins for the collective good not their own interests, the Pinterest Group Board is

Keep Images from Slowing Down Your Site!

We all know that when a website crawls…. we aren’t going to wait around. All too quickly we give up and click away. Last Fall I wrote about how to test your page speed and improve your WordPress site’s page speed. I was pleased with the results I achieved but since then I’ve learned that when running WordPress website you have to be continually vigilant. Adding a new plugin and especially adding new images can drastically change the

What is Pinterest? and Why You Should use it

As a visual person I was really drawn to Pinterest. I joined Pinterest early and created interest boards for Art, Home Decor, Gardening … I planned a home renovation, collected images and bookmarked articles. But at first I didn’t anticipate how brands, bloggers and entrepreneurs would use Pinterest for business. “Pinterest? I just don’t get it”  Clients, friends and family have all had this reaction to my new-found obsession with Pinterest. So let’s talk about it … What is Pinterest?

Embed a Pinterest Board on Your WordPress Blog

In this Pinterest for WordPress tutorial, we’ll walk you through creating a widget to display a Pinterest board on your website. Adding a Pinterest board to a WordPress site is a super easy way to jazz up your blog. You can embed a Pinterest board in any of your theme’s widget areas or add it directly to a WordPress page or blog post. No Plugin needed! There are a number of plugins that you can use but

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