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Beginner Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google for website owners so that they can get insights into visitor behaviour on their website including info such as Total number of site visits  Total page views (these two are different numbers) How many pages people visit on average  Your bounce rate (Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave having only visited one page on your site) Average time people spend on your site 

Free WooCommerce Tools for building an online store with WordPress

Start with WooCommerce Planning to use WordPress to run your online business? WooCommerce is the most popular and trusted eCommerce platform on the Web. WooCommerce is a free plugin that turns your WordPress website into a fully functioning online store. WooCommerce provides advanced store management for both physical and digital products. So start off by installing the WooCommerce plugin — it’s free! Choose a WooCommerce-ready Theme While WooCommerce will work with nearly any WordPress theme we recommend that you

The easy way to keep WordPress Safe from Malicious Logins

One of the more recent additions to the Jetpack suite of plugins is an important service called Protect. Here’s what Jetpack Protect does: Jetpack Protect is a cloud-powered brute force attack prevention tool. We leverage the millions of WordPress sites to identify and block malicious IPs. Jetpack Protect tracks failed login attempts across all installed users of the plugin. If any single IP has too many failed attempts in a short period of time, they

Choosing a WordPress Slider Plugin

There are a lot of WordPress slider plugins to choose between. We had one that we really liked, one we have used with clients and students for many years but suddenly it is gone! The developers of Portfolio Slideshow Pro have closed their website and their plugin support. This was a surprise and a disappointment. What set The Portfolio Slideshow Pro Plugin apart from so many other slider plugins is that it could change the display of

The Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

There are 1,000+ social sharing plugins in the WordPress repository!  It can be hard to sort through them all and come up with the right one for your website. Look no further than Social Warfare *. But, you won’t find this plugin in the WordPress repository because it is a premium plugin that you need to purchase. The cost is $24 US /year, a reasonable price for how much it delivers. We really do believe that this is

Keep Images from Slowing Down Your Site!

We all know that when a website crawls…. we aren’t going to wait around. All too quickly we give up and click away. Last Fall I wrote about how to test your page speed and improve your WordPress site’s page speed. I was pleased with the results I achieved but since then I’ve learned that when running WordPress website you have to be continually vigilant. Adding a new plugin and especially adding new images can drastically change the

Have a unique banner image on every WordPress page

Do you remember this?  With the old Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven theme you could set a featured image for each page that would replace the header banner image. One problem with this was that if you uploaded a large image as the feature image for a blog post and the image was a large one your header image would be replaced. Houston, we have a new header image! Random header images with Customizer WordPress 3.9 gives us

Supercharge WordPress with Jetpack

When I first looked at Jetpack I didn’t get what all the fuss was about but now I’m a Jetpack convert. Over the years Jetpack has seen a lot of changes and now offers much more. JetPack, by Automattic the company behind WordPress, is a suite of plugins that brings  wordpress.com features to your self-hosted WordPress site. You can select which features to configure for your own purposes. To use Jetpack, sign-up for a free

Dynamic sidebar widgets

Want your pages, posts and/or custom post types to have different sidebars? The Dynamic Widgets plugin does just that. Dynamic Widgets gives you total control over where individual widgets appear throughout your site. The average WordPress user would be in over their head registering new sidebars in the functions file and modifying php files. The Dynamic Widget plugin offers a great solution that works with any theme. You don’t need to know any php, and

Column Layout made easy

We’re always on the lookout for plugins that will simplify coding for our WordPress students. Here’s a plugin that we know you’re going to love. It’s called Grid Columns by Justin Tadlock. And yes it works responsively! Sometimes you want to divide your page into different columns. You no longer need to worry about creating tables. With this plugin you just wrap the column shortcode around the content that you want in columns. A shortcode is

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