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Tips for Keyword Change

This post was originally titled: Change or die | Tips for keyword change. I wrote that post title originally to get your attention. Keyword posts aren’t always the most attention-getting posts on the web so I got dramatic. Fast forward several years and I am not so worried about getting your attention.

Still, keywords are the foundation of on-page SEO and organic results.

Marketing materials and website content change over time to reflect the changing products and services that your company offers. This means that the terms people search for your products will also change.

That’s why this post is called change or die.

Tips for keyword change

  1. Periodically review your target keywords: Use Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to give you data on the sources of your traffic and the terms used to find you most frequently.
  2. Conduct a straw poll to compile your keyword terms a second, third or fourth time.
  3. Revisit Use Google’s Keyword Planner (if you have an account) to find search volumes for specific search terms but balance search volume results with targeted search. A decreasing bounce rate may indicate that your target market is finding you. You have matched your target keywords with the terms your market is uses.
  4. Cull keyword terms that are not netting results for high level pages. Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics will give you this data.
  5. Re-write content using the principles of writing for the web.
  6. Check in with your competition to identify those keyword terms that they are using for SEO

Always remember, keywords are the foundation for on-page SEO and organic search. If you want to rank well and remain visible, remember to check in with your keywords to make sure they are working for you.

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