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Navigating the WordPress Dashboard

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Replace the words with your own website name.

Lesson Notes:

How to Login

Point your browser to your website URL adding /wp-admin to the end of the address

  • example –
  • replace with your own domain name
  • type the address directly into the address bar – not Google search. Google does not index the admin pages

Enter your username or email address and your password to log in. This will take you into the backend of WordPress

The Backend and the Frontend

The backend is where authorized users can sign in to add, remove, and modify content on the website. The backend may also be referred to as the dashboard or the admin area.

The front end is what your visitors see and interact with when they visit your website. When we say to go to the front end we mean to Visit Site using the top toolbar.

The Top Administration Toolbar – Frontend & Backend

WordPress adds an administration Toolbar to the top of your site that is visible only to logged-in users.  Regular site visitors won’t see this toolbar.

The Toolbar adds quick links between the frontend and backend of your site. The links change depending on where you are on the site.

The Backend Navigation

The main navigation menu for each available administrative function is on the screen’s left side.

  • Move your mouse down the list and the sub-menus will fly out. 
  • Once you choose a parent navigation section, it will open out to show the nested options within that section. 
  • Additional menu items may appear when you add plugins (more about this later).
  •  What you see in the dashboard is determined by your permissions on the site (Administrator vs Editor, for example)

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