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One-time Settings

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General Settings

Go to Settings → General 

  1. Edit the title of your website from what was entered during the installation
  2. Change your tagline from the default “Just another WordPress site.”
  3. The email address set on this screen will be used for admin purposes—this is where a recovery email will be sent if there’s a WordPress error
  4. Set the timezone to where you are i.e. Toronto. 
  5. Set your site language i.e. English (Canada)

Settings → Permalinks

Change the permalink structure from the WordPress default (Plain which uses page ids) to Post name.

This will change your URLs from


This is a one-time setting that you do when setting up a new site. Changing your URL structure after your site is live may cause broken links.

2 thoughts on “One-time Settings”

    1. Hi Lisa, It’s because WordPress started as a blogging platform so they used the term post name. Post name in this instance means the same thing as page name.

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