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From Development to Live

From Development to Live

If you create your new website on a development space that is not your final URL, you may need help going live.

READY… when you are ready, start by deactivating the maintenance mode plugin.
SET… go to your domain registrar and point the DNS to your new host. It can take up to 24 hours for the change to populate. In the meantime, go to your new host and setup any email addresses associated with the domain.
GO…Your site is now live but the URLs in your WordPress site are still referencing the development address. It may look something like this http://yourIPaddress/~username/.

To fix the menu links …

Go to Settings -> General -> change the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) to reflect the new url. You will now need to login again at Your menu navigation will now reflect the correct live URL.

To fix interlinks and image urls …

When you created interlinks within your web copy from one page to another during development, you linked to the development URL. And when you added images into a page or post, WordPress inserted hardcoded links to media library files using the development address. You now need to replace all database references to the development space with the live URL.

You can use the Velvet Blues Update URLS plugin from the WordPress repository.

OR… If you are an advanced user, you can follow these steps to run a search and replace database query:

  1. take a backup of your database before you begin. I take no responsibility for errors you make that may break your site.
  2. login to your hosting account cpanel or administration area.
  3. under Databases click on phpMyAdmin
  4. on left side click on the database for your WordPress installation
  5. click the sql tab to run a query
  6. copy and paste this query into the window then edit it – change wp_ to match your WordPress database table prefix and change the development url and your live url in this query to match your own urls. Make sure to include the trailing slash in both the search and replace.
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (post_content, 'http://yourIPaddress/~username/','');
  7. click ‘Go’

Success! Visit your site and you’ll find that all hardcoded URLs have been replaced with your new address.

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