DNS: Pointing a Domain Name to Hostgator

Point your domain name to your web hostDNS stands for Domain Name Servers. Pointing the DNS is the process of telling the domain registrar the address for the server that hosts your website files.

If you’ve registered your domain with Namespro follow this post to point your domain to the host. If your domain is with a different registrar the same principles apply. Your domain registrar can offer you support to complete this process.

NOTE: WPEngine & Flywheel use a different configuration. » use these instructions for IP forwarding or creating an A record.

You will receive an email from your hosting company that tells you what your Domain Name Servers are. You need two name servers that should look something like…


(do not use the above unless told so in your welcome email!)

Five steps to update the name server (DNS) records for your domain:

  1. Login to your Namespro.ca account
  2. Click on “my domains” on the left menu
  3. Click directly on the domain name to edit its settings
  4. Under Web Settings change Type: to option “4) Specify your own name servers”
  5. Open your Hostgator welcome email and cut and paste the name server information provided into the ns1 and ns2 boxes – click “save”


The change will be submitted to the appropriate registry immediately and will take approximately 12-24 hours to “propagate” through the Internet, it may be much faster than that.

You’ll know that you are ready to move on to the next step when you go to yourdomain.ca and you see a HostGator getting started page. Like this…


Now… click on cPanel login (it’s the first item on the getting started page) and move on to the next post ….» Installing WordPress

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