Flywheel WordPress Hosting - free trial development space

Flywheel WordPress Hosting – free trial development space

LearnWP recommends Flywheel WordPress managed hosting

Recommended WordPress Managed Hosting

A free development space where you’ll work during the workshop

We have development spaces that you can use for the workshop but, if need hosting so you can set the site live after the workshop signing up for Flywheel is a great option. You can have a space where you can learn and experiment with WordPress.

Get started with Flywheel WordPress hosting

  1. Go to Flywheel
  2. Click on the try it free button
  3. Click on create a free site next to the learn more button
  4. Sign up for an account
  5. Once you’ve signed up, click on the button that says ‘new site’
  6. Now give some details about the site
  7. You will be given a temporary url:
  8. You’ve now created a demo site or a development space where you can work and create your next awesome website!
  9. If you decide to set your site live after the workshop, enter the code learnwp —  you’ll get 2 months free hosting on an annual subscription!

NOTE: One thing you’ll need to remember is that, once you’ve decided to set your site live you will have to point your domain to Flywheel.

What we love about Flywheel

  • Sign up for a free trial – test drive Flywheel before you purchase.
  • They only host WordPress so they’ve optimized their servers to deliver the best possible WordPress experience. With Flywheel, your website will be fast and secure.
  • Flywheel is a little less expensive than some other WordPress Managed hosting companies.
  • It’s so easy to go from development to live. When your free trial is nearing an end, Flywheel will send you an email, you can simply pay and set your fabulous new website live.
  • Flywheel gives LearnWP students two months free hosting. Use code ‘learnwp’ at checkout.

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