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How To Check The Health Of Your WordPress Website

Site Health Status allows WordPress website owners to regularly check on the status of their site and take action when needed. The idea behind this is that users will be alerted to and pay attention to potential issues and then follow WordPress recommendations to ensure a secure and optimized site.

It is important to keep WordPress up-to-date. And WordPress has been taking steps (such as auto-updates) to make it easy for you to keep your site current, secure, and running at peak performance.

Site Health Status—A Dashboard Widget

Site Health Status shows on the WordPress Dashboard—the first screen you see when you log in to the back end of your website. If the message says, “Should be improved ” address the issues straight-away. But even if you have a Good status you may have issues you can resolve.

Click the Site Health screen link, you’ll be taken to Tools → Site Health. Here you can take a look at the items you need to improve.

Site Health Status Screen

You can check the Health Status of your WordPress site by looking directly under the Tools menu at Site Health. Here you can learn what you can do to improve your website security and performance.

There are three status labels: critical Issue (try to fix these first), recommended improvements, and passed tests.

screenshot of site health notices

Site Health notifications will test your web hosting environment to make sure that it is running what WordPress needs (server and software configurations, PHP versions, etc.) To resolve hosting problems, contact your host company.

Inactive plugins are targeted by attackers, so it is smart to delete unused plugins and themes. If it is inactive, you’re not using it. Deleting it won’t break a feature on your site.

WordPress plugin authors will also add relevant checks and notifications to the Site Health screen.

Site Health Info

To access the Info Tab on the Site Health Screen, flip from the Status tab to the Info tab. The Info tab provides details about your website’s configuration. If you’re having issues with a plugin or theme, this information can be copied to your computer clipboard so you can paste it into an email or support ticket if you need to contact a 3rd party provider.

screenshot of Site Health Info

Take Advantage of This WordPress Feature

The Health Status feature is another way that WordPress helps site owners maintain a secure and safe website. Pay attention to your site’s Health Status. We recommend a weekly routine of reviewing your sites’ health and WordPress Updates.

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