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A Guide to Creating and Managing Pinterest Group Boards

5 tips for managing Pinterest Group Boards

In our last Pinterest post we talked about Pinterest Collaborative Board Etiquette – 5 dos and 5 don’ts for pinning to collaborative boards as a board member. Now we will talk about how to setup your own Group board and give you 5 tips for managing the board.

Group boards have the potential to be a great resources for their topic.  But Collaborative Boards that aren’t well managed can become a pinning free-for-all full of duplicate pins and providing little engagement.

Looking at our Pinterest Analytics from the last 30 days, it’s clear that one group board in particular has performed well for us. It has the most repins, impressions, clicks and likes of all the boards we have created or joined. This is a board that is well managed and is a good fit for our content. Owning a board that does well will help all of your boards to shine.

Creating a Group Board on Pinterest

Pinterest Invite to Pn icon

Pinterest makes it easy to turn any board into a collaborative group board.

  1. Invite another pinner to collaborate by clicking the red Invite icon at the top left of the board.
  2. Start to type their Pinterest username or email address into the box, Pinterest will display pinners for you to select.
  3. When you find the right person click and they will be notified of the invitation, they will need to accept the invitation before they can start pinning.

Don’t worry you can always remove anyone that isn’t making a positive contribution to your board.

Encourage Collaborators

If you want to grow the board, provide a way for users to contact you to request an invitation.  Collaborative boards usually include instructions in the board description.

Methods to receive invitation requests include:

Turn off Board members can invite others
  • to provide an email address in the board description
  • to request that you comment on a pin in the board
  • that you tweet a request to them
  • that you post a request on a Facebook page
  • I direct to a page on my website where the board is embeded and I invite comment on the page requesting an invitation.

Pick the method that you think will work best for your board audience.

Pinterest Group Board Management TIP:

If you don’t want other group members to be able to add other users to your board, here’s a useful tip.

Group Board managers can turn off Members can invite others.

5 tips for managing a Collaborative Pinterest Board

Now that you have your group board up and running, here are 5 tips to help you manage your board.

  1. Outline clear rules. You can set out pinning rules in the Board Description.
  2. Clean up duplicate pins. Board owners have control to delete pins from their group boards.
  3. Check for broken links. Give the Pin4Ever’s free broken pin checker a try. {We haven’t tried this tool yet so please let us know what you think.}
  4. Keep the board active.  Regularly pin to the board yourself and encourage active quality pinning from group members
  5. Warn or Remove collaborators if they are harming the board. As the board owner you will need to regularly check in on the board to make sure that pinners are following proper board etiquette. Remove anyone who isn’t following proper Collaborative Board Etiquette rules.

I hope these tips help you effectively managed Pinterest group boards. Well managed Pinterest group boards can expand your reach on Pinterest. What are you waiting for?  Create your own Group Board today and start pinning!

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15 thoughts on “A Guide to Creating and Managing Pinterest Group Boards”

    1. If you’re a collaborator the board will appear in your list of boards. You would pin to it as you would any other board.

  1. Question – how do you check an individual contributor’s stats on a group board? I manage a board but cannot tell who is repinning and who is not (which kind of renders the board rules moot).

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  3. How do I make myself administrator of an existing group board? The board needs updating & I don’t seem to be able to access it to do so, other than by being a follower.

    1. If you didn’t create the board it isn’t your board, you can’t make yourself an administrator. I suggest that you start your own group board and begin building it up. You can contact the board creator and tell them about the needed updates.

  4. Hi. I own a group board and want to delete a person. I don’t see any way to search for a person and delete them. It looks ike I can only search for a person and add them. What am I missing? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy, Click on the pencil icon above the board name. Then scroll down to the collaborators and click remove next to that person.

      1. If you remove them, does pinterest notify them that they have been removed? Or do they just no longer have access to the board?

        1. Hi Brittany, I don’t believe that a notification is sent. The board will disappear from their list of boards.

  5. Hi there, If someone follows my account, why is it they automatically follow all of my boards except the group boards i have been invited into? Why are those boards excluded? When they are excluded from following group boards it means they will not get notifications about new pins on that board. Can you please help? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Rachelle,

      You don’t own the group boards you are just a member of them — there is really nothing you can do about it.

    1. You should have no problem deleting pins on a board you own. Click the pin – click edit – click delete – Pinterest will prompt you with an “are you sure” message. If you have more than one Pinterest account check that you are logged in with the right account.

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