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One-on-One WordPress Training

Individual instruction and support as you build your custom WordPress Site

Custom training might be your best option

Learn from the convenience of anywhere

Online One-On-One

A scheduled Zoom Meeting

To get started, we’ll schedule a phone call. We’ll ask you detailed questions to understand your training needs.

WordPress training can also be based on current In-Person or online workshops.

Training is $150 for the first hour; $100 for additional hours.


One-on-One in Toronto


In-person training starts with an email exchange and/or phone call.

Meet at a convenient west-end Toronto location for a 1-on-1 session.

Customized Training is for you if:

Happy woman working at the office using her laptop and looking at the camera smiling
You don’t feel you need an entire course
You have foundational WordPress knowledge
You have an established WordPress website
You have unanswered questions even though you’ve had training
You’re self-taught and you don’t know what you don’t know

This training may not be right for you if your website is using a builder plugin. We teach the default WordPress way.

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