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20 Tips to Polish your Pinterest Account

20 Pinterest Tips

When using Pinterest for business you want to start with a well optimized profile. Optimizing your profile, your boards and your pins will ensure that Pinterest displays your pins in Pinterest search results.

Are you wanting to learn how to use Pinterest to promote your WordPress blog? You need to start with a Business Account. If you haven’t done this step head over to our tutorial Getting Started with Pinterest for your Business. We’ll walk you through creating a new business account or converting a personal account to a business account and verifying your website with Pinterest.

In this three part series – 20 Tips to Polish your Pinterest Account – we will give you

6 steps to improve your Pinterest Profile

6 steps to improve your Pinterest Profile

To edit your Pinterest Profile go to your profile on Pinterest and click the gear icon, then Account settings

1. Pinterest username. When choosing your username understand that it is used to create your profile’s web address – pinterest.com/yourname. Your username can be 3-15 characters long and can’t have spaces, symbols or punctuation.  You can change your username in Profile Account Settings. Our username is learnwp

2. Upload a Profile Picture. Your profile picture appears at the top of your profile and on your Pins, boards, comments and messages. It is best to show your face in the photo rather than a logo. People would rather connect with a real person than a brand that they don’t know. Use one image consistently on all social platforms – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, as your Gravatar …. everywhere on the web.

3. Optimize your Business Name with descriptive keywords. 25 characters will display below your image on your profile page (three dots … will show if you use more than that). Your full name will show elsewhere on Pinterest so don’t worry if 25 isn’t enough for you. Instead of just using LearnWP our Business name is set to LearnWP WordPress Training.  By adding the keyword WordPress our profile will show up when someone searches for WordPress Pinners.

4. About You is the Profile Description that shows below your Business Name – You have 160 Characters to work with. Provide a description of your business and the type of stuff you Pin.

5. Location  – According to Pinterest “Your location tells other Pinners where you’re from. Leave it blank, or represent your town with pride. We highly recommend that your location be no more specific than the city you live in.” Promoted pin campaigns (not available in Canada yet) can be targeted towards pinners by location.

6. Social Links – Link your Twitter & Facebook Profiles (Note unfortunately this will be your personal Facebook Profile not a business page).

How have you done? Ready for 8 Tips to optimize your Pinterest Boards? That’s our next post.

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2 thoughts on “20 Tips to Polish your Pinterest Account”

  1. I spent a lot of time looking for a tool I can rely on to schedule my Pins. Lets be honest..we can’t spend our whole day on Pinterest, and if we don’t do it, we can’t make it big :-/ So the solution? A scheduler… Literally tried and tested almost every noticeable tool on the internet..even got a couple of accounts banned, and then got to know about PinPinterest. Gave it a try, and since then, haven’t looked for any other tool. Great tool, great features.
    I like the way it intelligently learns and pins only pins relevant to my business to my boards. I normally schedule a week’s pins on mondays and it does the rest 😀 It does all the Pinterest-related operations on Auto-Pilot, so yes, it is literally my Pinterest Media Manager 😀
    The ads keep coming up, so its a bit annoying, but other than that, PinPinterest is truly the tool you’d want if you want to rule Pinterest B-)

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