Before attending the Workshop - you have to do some prep.

Here’s your pre-workshop prep

  • If you’re building a website from scratch, complete all pre-workshop assignments to get the maximum benefit
  • If you’re managing an existing site, you may want to work in a development space so you aren’t touching your live site.

Need a hosting space?

  • If you are starting a new site, you can jump to the next set of instructions for setting up a WordPress website.
  • If you already have a website, your host may be able to provide you with a staging or development area where you can practice without impacting your live site. Most of what you create during the course will be for practice, you’ll be deleting it before you set your website live.
  • Flywheel offers reliable WordPress hosting and they have a two-week try it for free option. Learn more here
  • Alternatively, you can install WordPress on your computer for a practice space using

Setting up a website

  1. Register a DOMAIN NAME. If you don’t already have one.
  2. Sign up for HOSTING (if you haven’t already) we recommend WordPress Managed Hosting for workshop participants. It is the easiest and fastest option for creating a space for you to develop your website among other benefits.
  3. Point the Domain to the Host.

* We recommend that you save this Website Record file to your computer and fill it in with all your website important information. Download a Fillable PDF

Planning your Website Branding

  1. Download a colour picker program to your computer
    1. Windows UsersColor Cop (Windows only)Download a Colour Picker Program: (optional – if you want to find hex colours to modify your site)
    2. MAC Users – ColorNote (Mac only)
  2. Images – put the images you want to use on your website into a folder where you can quickly locate them – this will save you a lot of time. You can find free images at Pixabay and Unsplash – Free Images
  3. Fonts – We suggest you pick a couple of fonts from Google Fonts
  4. Colour Palette Generator
  5. Brand Standard Post 

Write your Page Copy

Write content for each page. You’ll build your site faster if you have your content ready to paste into pages as you go.

Computer stuff

  • Make sure your computer is functioning well
  • Plug your laptop in so you don’t lose power suddenly
  • You may find a mouse is helpful
  • Use a good browser – Chrome is what we use
  • Connect to a stable Internet connection
  • We recommend using two screens or devices. It is easier to watch the videos on a separate screen so you don’t need to keep flipping between tabs.

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