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Artist Website

Before the WordPress for Artist workshop, there are a few things that you need to have in place. Follow these instructions to be prepared and organized. If you get stuck, just reach out.

Click on each link in the list below for detailed instructions.

READY? Let’s get started

  1. Domain/hosting

    If you already have a domain and host, just get in touch by email or phone and we will discuss your options with you.

    1. Register a DOMAIN NAME. Try for your name .com or .ca (or both). If that isn’t available you can add “art” or “artist”
    2. Sign up for HOSTING. We recommend WordPress Managed Hosting for workshop participants. It is the easiest and fastest option for creating a space for you to develop your website among other benefits. Feel free to reach out to us to chat about this before you sign up.
    3. Point the Domain to the Host.
    4. Create a document with your hosting (FTP login) information: Fill in this PDF to create your website record. Save this file to your computer. Your FTP information is possibly the same as your hosting cPanel login information. Make sure you have this information handy during the workshop – If something breaks we need this to fix it!

If you don’t have time before the workshop to complete these stepssend us an email requesting a temporary WordPress installation for the workshop. You will be able to work in this space for 2-3 weeks post workshop. NOTE: Moving what you work on to your own hosting may cost you an additional fee, depending on your host company.

2. Content

Example sites to look at. These are all using the same WordPress theme.

Sample Artist Websites using the Astra Theme

  1. Write content for each page. You’ll build your site faster if you have your content ready to paste into pages as you go. You need text for the Homepage, About page, Contact Page
  2. Create an Artist Statement (downloadable pdf) using this outline.
  3. Artist CV: Prepare a spreadsheet with Exhibition Dates, Type of Show (Solo, Juried, Group), Show Name, Gallery, Location
  4. Social Media Profiles: Have all your social media links in your content doc so you can cut and paste them quickly. Links need to be the full link not just your username. We strongly recommend setting up an Instagram profile if you don’t already have one.
  5. Banner images for the top of each page (optional) Width of 1920 px
  6. Image gallery:
    1. Have a folder on your computer with all of your artwork for galleries ready to upload to the site: suggested width 1028px / height 600px
    2. Have a Word.doc or Spreadsheet with the painting details ready to paste into the site: Painting Title | Medium | Dimensions (Height x Width) | Artist Name | price
  7. Choose a Font for your name: go to Highlight the sample sentence and replace with your name then click to apply to all fonts. Now scroll through and select one for your name.
  8. MailChimp is a good way to build a mailing list. Before the workshop signup of MailChimp

3. Your Laptop

  1. Download Chrome, Firefox or Safari for a better workshop experience. Please don’t use Internet Explorer for the workshop.
  2. Make sure your laptop is functioning well
  3. Don’t forget to bring your power cord to the workshop!
  4. We strongly recommend bringing a mouse.

If you complete all these steps you’ll have everything you need for an excellent workshop experience. You can always email us if you need help. 

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