Build a new WordPress site

Build a New WordPress WebsiteFollow these instructions if you want to come away from the workshop with a new website.Click on each link in the list below for detailed instructions.

READY? Let’s get started


If you don’t have time before the workshop to complete steps 1, 2 and 3we will provide you with a WordPress installation [a place to work/learn/do exercises during the workshop]. You will be able to work on this space for 2-3 weeks post workshop.

    1. Register a DOMAIN NAME. If you don’t already have one.
    2. Sign up for HOSTING (if you haven’t already) we recommend WordPress Managed Hosting for workshop participants. It is the easiest and fastest option for creating a space for you to develop your website among other benefits.
    3. Point the Domain to the Host.
    4. Download a colour picker program to your computer – Step 4 is Optional.
      1. Windows UsersColor Cop (Windows only)Download a Colour Picker Program: (optional – if you want to find hex colours to modify your site)
      2. MAC Users – ColorNote (Mac only)
    5. Write content for each page. You’ll build your site faster if you have your content ready to paste into pages as you go.
    6. Bring images to insert into your site if you have them ready. We will provide some to use as placeholders if you need them.
    7. A document with your hosting (ftp login) information: Fill in this PDF to create your website record. Save this file to your computer. Your FTP information is possibly the same as your hosting cpanel login information. Make sure you have this information handy during the workshop – If something breaks we need this to fix it!
    8. Download Chrome for a better workshop experience.

Make sure your laptop is functioning well and don’t forget to bring your power cord to the workshop! I mouse is also very useful.

If you complete all these steps you’ll have everything you need for an excellent workshop experience. You can always email us if you need help.