Maintain an Existing site

Maintain a WordPress siteFollow these instructions if you have a website that you are happy with and you need to keep the website live to the world during the workshop.

READY? Let’s get started

If you have an existing site, we recommend that you do not work on it directly during the workshop. You will need another “space” to work in during the workshop.

  1. You have two choices here:
    • We will provide you with a temporary development space to work with during the workshop.
    • Or you can contact your existing host and request your own development space.
  2. Download a Colour Picker Program: (optional – if you want to find hex colours to modify your site)
  3. Download Chrome for a better workshop experience. Please do not use Internet Explorer for the workshop.

Please make sure your laptop is functioning well and don’t forget to bring your power cord to the workshop!