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Be a Better Blogger Checklist

Be a better blogger checklist

We’ve written a couple of posts in the past about how to be a better blogger.

  1. Is anyone reading your blog? 10 tips to optimize Blog Posts for Search
  2. Before you hit publish – a checklist for catchy, web-friendly and easy-on-the-eyes content

BUT… we still find that our students can further improve their posts before they hit that publish button. Here is a checklist for you to bookmark and return to every time you write a post.

Blogging Checklist

Use these prompts to make your blog posts more user-friendly and optimized for search results.

Post Title: Is the post title engaging, descriptive and keyword rich?
Permalink: Did I edit the permalink to make it short and pretty?
Headings: Did I use sub-headings to divide content into sections?
Paragraphs: Are the paragraphs short, bit-sized segments?
Lists: Have I used bulleted or numbered list to make my content more scannable?
Links: Have I linked to other related and informative content on my site/blog?
Images: Did I insert an image into the post? Have I set a featured image?
Image Settings: Did I add alt text?
Category: Is the post in the best category? Not Uncategorized!
Tags: If I am using tags, have I connected the post to related content with appropriate tags?
Meta Title: Have I reviewed and edited the title of the post that search engines will use?
Meta Description: Is the search descriptions accurate and compelling?

Now that you have optimized your post for readers and search, remember to share it on social media!

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