Toronto Learn WordPress Workshops Testimonials

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View some websites built and customized by LearnWP students and read what they’re saying about us and our Toronto WordPress workshops.

When looking at website links please realize that some students are learning to maintain an existing site and are not using the theme we provide and that other students may have changed WordPress themes from the one used during a workshop.

As an artist entering the world of web-tech speak let alone trying to create a functional website is a bit foreign to me. Ruth and Dawn turned the process into plain language and actually helped me to get my website functional. I would highly recommend them and their skills in this area!

John Comber

This workshop was very practical and useful to help me navigate and manage my own website.

Jane Pearson

Ruth and Dawn are great instructors who can tailor any topic to your needs and ensure you take away ideas from their workshop that you can apply to your own site.

Amanda DeCosta

I totally recommend LearnWP for anyone who wants to get a good handle on SEO. We’ll definite put these into play right away.

This is the second course and Ruth & Dawn and the WordPress Intensive and learned enormous amount and was able to put it it immediately.

Lou Thompson

The LearnWP Toronto Workshop was very helpful to me. I will apply the things that I learned to the corporate website that I maintain. I plan to take some additional courses through this company.” – Marketing Manager, KPM Industries Ltd.

Shannon Polk

The 2-day WordPress course was very easy to follow, I came into the workshop with zero experience and upon completing the workshop had a solid understanding of how to create and maintain a WordPress website. Great workshop!

Amanda Edwards

This workshop is easy to follow along and very informative. I had limited knowledge of WordPress before starting this course and now I am excited to even consider building my own WordPress site in my free time – outside of work. It is a comfortable workshop to exchange ideas and learn. Ruth and Dawn are great instructors and industry experts! Thank you.

Jenna Mantle

Thank you for a very informative and easy to understand WordPress workshop. I walked away feeling confident enough to maintain and edit our website. Looking forward to the next session on SEO!

Sandi Gerrard

The course was immediately helpful. I know that I’ll be able to create a professional website from all the things I learned with Ruth & Dawn. Well paced and well explained.

Lou Thompson

I found the workshop to be very helpful in improving my confidence in maintaining my current site. I now have more knowledge on the capabilities of WordPress and how it all works together with the plugins and widgets. Extremely helpful for a novice or beginner to start of on the right step.

Sabrina Persaud

Great workshop! Loaded with a lot of information. Ruth and Dawn were awesome… they really know their stuff.

Pat Pacchiarotti

Ruth and Dawn, both wonderful teachers. I liked building a site from the ground up. This will really help as I work to improve and maintain an existing site.

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Catherine Monk-Saigal

Wonderful workshop! Very informative, clear information, great step by step instructions. Both Ruth and Dawn were helpful and supportive. They did a great job presenting the material. The documents provided, slides and all other content were very helpful and detailed.

Candice Hodgson

Ruth and Dawn are skilled facilitators and teachers. They are able to accommodate the needs of participants with various learning needs. As a person who has limited experience, I felt that there was amble support and patience. I like the idea of gaining more control over my website by learning how to navigate WordPress.

Darlene Dzendoletas

Ruth and Dawn are a dynamic duo – full of great information, fantastic advice and the patience of Job! I liked the pace at which the course progressed, and the accompanying slides. I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop. Thank you, both.

May 2017

Carole Filion

Awesome class! Awesome teachers! I like the class environment and personal one-on-one time. The lesson was very well-organized and had a nice flow. Looking forward to other workshops.

May 2017

Robert Liscio

This workshop was extremely beneficial. Well worth it for anyone who has or in thinking of having a website. Ruth and Dawn are great and super helpful.

October 2016

Karyn Boughner

Ruth and Dawn delivered a content-filled, and interesting course that kept my attention throughout, even when they covered areas I thought I was competent in, like blog posting. I liked the hands-on approach and immediate assistance with questions and issues. They provided so many tips and experienced know-how, that I came away feeling confident I could make some positive changes in our company site. The two days were well thought out and structured, and the comprehensive documentation provided makes it a lot easier to put it all into action.

Heather Bayer

Very informative and useful for people who want to start building or managing websites with WordPress.

Guadalupe Sol

After being at the mercy of unresponsive web designers, I have finally gained control of my website with the help of LearnWP! With no prior knowledge, I was able to understand how to build a good framework with the functions I needed for my website marketing strategy. The instructors are hands-on and the personalized attention, even within the group setting, boosts your confidence in your ability to manage your site going forward.

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Michelle Lochan, MarketStart | Business Planning

Today my website went live! Wow! Thank you for hosting such an amazing and empowering workshop. It is astonishing to me that, in two days, I built a beautiful website and actually know how to maintain it with confidence. With your acute intuition, remarkable patience, swift problem-solving and superior expertise, I got EXACTLY the look and feel that I wanted for my website. It seemed like there was nothing that I could throw at you that you couldn’t tackle effortlessly! Ruth, your design style is flawless and sophisticated… and Dawn, you are an absolute genius with SEO. I couldn’t be more delighted with the whole experience. Your LearnWP workshop is the city’s best kept secret!

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Aadila Munshi

I recently had the opportunity to attend the LearnWP workshop with Ruth and Dawn at the helm. I was reluctant to register at first thinking that it might be too much ‘techno-speak’ for me and that I might not know enough to actively participate. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in, was made to feel immediately welcome and had no trouble following along. I came away from the workshop with the knowledge I needed to take my blog to where I wanted it to be and the confidence that I could do it on my own. I feel that the ongoing support I have received, not only in helping when a problem arose, but also in the personal support of my endeavours, has set me up for ultimate success. Thank you, Ruth and Dawn!

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Kristine Laco

Ruth and Dawn are knowledgeable and patient teachers.  I wanted to familiarize myself with WordPress and be able to make changes to my website.  I was never bored and they never let it get overwhelming.  This workshop is a great introduction to WordPress.  They continue to provide resources and support afterwards.  I am very pleased with the final product. 

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Joan Marsman

The 2-day WordPress workshop was the best value anywhere. Despite having zero experience, I learned to create and maintain my own site, without having to depend on an outside administrator. I’ve had rave reviews of my website since I launched it, and everyone says it’s clean, easy to navigate and looks great. Thanks, Ruth and Dawn for helping me launch my business!

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Suzy Tanzer