Toronto Learn WordPress Workshops Testimonials

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When looking at website links please realize that some students are learning to maintain an existing site and are not using the theme we provide and that other students may have changed WordPress themes from the one used during a workshop.

This has been an amazing journey. Not only have Ruth and Dawn been wonderfully patient and inspiring teachers, but the entire process has been incredibly empowering…

Thank you!

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Debra Tyler

Dawn and Ruth are VERY knowledgeable about WordPress, very attuned to the individual needs of participants and gave me the extra personalized support I needed to reach a finished product that I’m going to enjoy using.

I recommend this program highly to other artists.

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Nancy Simmons Smith

The workshop was organized and moved along smoothly with Ruth outlining the various steps in setting up a WordPress website and Dawn making sure that none of us got bogged down.

The class was diverse, yet everyone’s concerns were addressed. I am very grateful and happy with the final outcome and the support and assistance I received from both instructors. Bravo!

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Sonia Jacyk-Bukata

LearnWP provides a great introduction to WordPress blogging.

Ruth and Dawn are both knowledgeable and caring instructors who do their best to make the process convenient for participants.

Tracy Howard

The workshop took me, a complete novice, to the point where I consider that it will now be possible for me to build and administer my own website.

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Ron Ellis

Worth every penny!

Ruth’s customized theme and Dawn’s SEO advice made it possible for me to create my site as well as have the confidence to make changes and keep it up-to-date.

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Tracey Lawko

It was a pleasure to work with Ruth and Dawn, they are very knowledgeable and helped me with my website, which now looks fantastic.

I am very happy with the results and will recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn how to maintain their WordPress website.

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Arlette Garcia

Learning WordPress with Dawn and Ruth was a great experience. I came in as a first-time blogger, nervous and a bit overwhelmed with what WordPress could do for me.

I came out with a website I’m proud to tell everyone about!

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Holly Kerr

I would highly recommend Ruth and Dawn to anyone looking to explore the world of WordPress and take control of your website and not be dependent on others.


This workshop exceeded my expectations! Dawn and Ruth walked this internet-illiterate writer through the foreign territory of the web-world. They made the material accessible and the process very do-able, even for someone who has a love-hate relationship with technology.

I felt energized and empowered by setting up a website.