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The Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

The Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

There are 1,000+ social sharing plugins in the WordPress repository!  It can be hard to sort through them all and come up with the right one for your website.

Look no further than Social Warfare .

But, you won’t find this plugin in the WordPress repository because it is a premium plugin that you need to purchase. The cost is $24 US /year, a reasonable price for how much it delivers.

We really do believe that this is the best social sharing plugin available for WordPress.

What sets it apart from other WordPress social sharing plugins?

1. The Sharing Buttons

This plugin allows you to integrate social sharing into your blog or website in an unobtrusive way. You can choose between multi-colour buttons that reflect social platforms or button colours that match your website branding. The sharing buttons will look like you have created custom buttons for your site. And of course the buttons are fully responsive for mobile devices.

2. The right image for the right social platform

Research confirms that photos could be the “holy grail” of social media engagement. [source]

When someone shares your blog post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus, a horizontal image will look great. But for Pinterest your image should be a tall, vertical Pinterest-friendly image. Social Warfare will deliver the right image for the right social platform.

You can use Canva to create two versions of your blog image. Insert one of them to display in the post. Now you need to upload the image to your Social Warfare plugin. So scroll down below your post editing area to the panel called ‘Social Warfare Custom Options’.

Social Media Image – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

In the Social Warfare custom options settings below each post, click the ‘select or upload’ button to add an image.

Add an image that will populate the open graph meta tags which will be used when users share your content onto Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. If nothing is provided here, we will use the post thumbnail as a backup. We recommend using an image in 16:9 aspect ratio like 1280×720 or 1920×1080.

Perfect for Pinterest

The best images to share on Pinterest images are tall.  This plugin lets you set a Pinterest optimized image. Click on the Pinterest social sharing button at the bottom of this post to see it in action.  A tall, vertical image size ( 735 x 1102 pixels) with our custom pin description will pre-populate the Pinterest sharing popup. This makes it so easy for people to pin our blog posts to Pinterest.

3. Click to Tweet!

Making it as easy as possible for people to share your content will increase social engagement. You can customize a tweet that is populated when a visitor clicks the Twitter button and you can also create in-post tweets that display as an attractive quote in your post.

To add an image to the tweet you’ll need to craft the tweet in an app such as tweetdeck, buffer or hootsuite. Upload your image and then paste the tweet with the pic(dot)twitter(dot)com/id url into the Social Warfare Custom Tweet box.

Now you see why we believe this is the best Social Sharing Plugin available for WordPress

The Social Warfare plugin gives bloggers customized social media buttons, optimized images for social platforms and a click to tweet option – all making sharing elegant and easy.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress”

  1. Compared to other sharing plugins, Social Warfare Pro has outdone itself. No other social sharing tool can provide great features such as social optimization tools, twitter share count, click to tweet features, and twitter cards. I give this plugin thumbs up to its developers. It has been my choice, and have used it for years hence, am sure it will be yours too. Get it to maximize your WordPress website or blog experience.

  2. Hi Todd – Thanks for your question. We do have an affiliate relationship with Social Warfare (as noted at the bottom of the post). We do not have any other business relationship with the plugin developers. We honestly are thrilled with the plugin and highly recommend it.

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