WordCamp Toronto 2011: SEO for WordPress

The sessions from WordCamp Toronto, held November 6 2011, are available now on WordPress.tv.

Here is my Search Engine Optimization Presentation: “SEO for WordPress: How to do better in Google”

My Slides

Some tweets from this SEO for WordPress session:

  • @kickthegrind tweeted: “@dandelionweb Great prez today! learned a lot! #wcto”
  • @backpackerbrock tweeted: “Agreed! Explained a complicated topic well! Thanks Ruth! RT @KickTheGrind @dandelionweb Great prez today! learned a lot! #wcto”
  • @janelangille tweeted: “@dandelionweb Tx for great tips in SEO for WordPress session #WCTO”
  • @boomergirl50 tweeted: “@dandelionweb importance of keywords with hyperlinks 4 better SEO greatest tip among many”
  • @BreatheDreamGo tweeted: “@dandelionweb thanks for a great SEO session – you covered a LOT of ground at #WCTO!”
  • @atastefortravel tweeted: “@dandelionweb Thanks for a fab session! Will sign up for more!”

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