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What to do if WordPress gets stuck in Maintenance

What to do if WordPress is stuck in maintenance mode

You’ve updated WordPress or just a plugin and uh oh the maintenance message is stuck!

Don’t panic. This is something that is easily fixed.

A .maintenance file is automatically generated by WordPress whenever you update WordPress to newer version or update themes or plugins.  Once the update is completed, the file will automatically be deleted. Occasionally the .maintenance will get stuck, i.e. it won’t be deleted when the update finishes. All you need to do is simply find the file and delete it.

You CANNOT delete it through the wp-admin area of your website. You will need to access the server through your web host’s file manager system (may be called Cpanel) or via FTP.

Follow these three simple steps.

  1. Login to your FTP and browse to the WordPress root directory
  2. Find the .maintenance file (Notice the *dot* at the beginning of the file name and no file extension.)
  3. Delete the .maintenance file

If you’re stumped by Step 1 here’s what you can do:

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