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HTML & CSS for Beginners

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WP Mastery

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Learn WordPress online with the WordPress Mastery course.

Learn how HTML & CSS are used in WordPress and how you can apply them to your own website!

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HTML & CSS for WordPress Workshop

In this one-day Workshop, you will learn to use HTML & CSS for WordPress.

Learning Objectives:  By the end of the workshop you will

  • Know the basics of HTML & CSS
  • Feel comfortable switching from the Visual editor to the WordPress Text editor to clean up and customize the HTML
  • Understand how to make changes to a WordPress theme’s style.css file to customize your website’s appearance
  • Know how to use an FTP client (Filezilla) to access your site files (demo only).

Prerequisite: Familiarity with WordPress and the WordPress Visual Editor. It is good (but not required) to first take our 2-day WordPress Intensive Workshop.

Course Level: Introductory Coding. Not for novice WordPress users.

An Introduction to HTML & CSS for WordPress Users

Course Outline:

  1. Review of the WordPress Visual Editor
    Discover things you may have missed in the Visual Editor
  2. Introduction to HTML
    Gain a basic understanding of HTML. Learn basic tags.
  3. Beyond the WordPress Visual Editor
    You’ll learn to switch from the WordPress Visual Editor to the Text Editor and to read, edit and write HTML code.
  4. Introduction to CSS
    Learn about cascading style sheets and how to mark up your HTML code to use custom styles.
  5. FTP with Filezilla
    In this module, we will demonstrate Filezilla. We will explore the directory structure of WordPress and show you how to download theme files from the Host server to a local computer for customization and backup purposes. When you learn to connect by FTP, you will be able to restore your WordPress website if it breaks while updating. This will be demonstrated for you only as the venue’s firewall prevents us from connecting to FTP, to do this I will make a hotspot from my phone. 
  6. How to create a WordPress Child Theme with Komodo Edit
    We will use Komodo Edit to explore WordPress files such as style.css used for styling a Child Theme. We will not be editing PHP files in this one-day course.
  7. Inspect Element
    We will use a browser extension to find HTML elements to style.

Bring your own laptop, charging cable and mouse and complete all Pre-Workshop Prep

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