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WordPress for Artists

Because Every Artist Needs a Website

Does creating a website seem overwhelming?

Our Online Artist workshop is customized for artists who want to manage and update a WordPress website but are uncomfortable with technology!

While you watch

We will walk you through the entire process of creating an artist’s website. You’ll start by importing a file that will handle all the one-time setup steps for you. You can focus on adding your own content and making it beautiful.

Learn how to:

  • display your artwork beautifully
  • protect your artwork from copying
  • create photo galleries
  • add page content
  • create a professional C.V.
  • maintain and update your site

Plain-English. No geek-speak. No coding required.

Sample Artist Websites

This WordPress for Artist online course is geared to visual artists but authors, musicians and potters have also taken this class. If you have any questions, get in touch. We will be happy to chat with you to help you decide if this is the right class for you.


What some of our students are saying about the WordPress Artist Workshop

As an artist entering the world of web-tech speak let alone trying to create a functional website is a bit foreign to me. Ruth and Dawn turned the process into plain language and actually helped me to get my website functional. I would highly recommend them and their skills in this area!

John C.

Dawn and Ruth are VERY knowledgeable about WordPress, very attuned to the individual needs of participants and gave me the extra personalized support I needed to reach a finished product that I’m going to enjoy using.

I recommend this program highly to other artists.

Nancy Simmons Smith

Today my website went live! Wow! Thank you for hosting such an amazing and empowering workshop. It is astonishing to me that, in two days, I built a beautiful website and actually know how to maintain it with confidence. With your acute intuition, remarkable patience, swift problem-solving and superior expertise, I got EXACTLY the look and feel that I wanted for my website. It seemed like there was nothing that I could throw at you that you couldn’t tackle effortlessly! Ruth, your design style is flawless and sophisticated… and Dawn, you are an absolute genius with SEO. I couldn’t be more delighted with the whole experience. Your LearnWP workshop is the city’s best kept secret!

Aadila Munshi

The workshop was organized and moved along smoothly with Ruth outlining the various steps in setting up a WordPress website and Dawn making sure that none of us got bogged down.

The class was diverse, yet everyone’s concerns were addressed. I am very grateful and happy with the final outcome and the support and assistance I received from both instructors. Bravo!

Sonia Jacyk-Bukata

Worth every penny!

Ruth’s customized theme and Dawn’s SEO advice made it possible for me to create my site as well as have the confidence to make changes and keep it up-to-date.

Tracey Lawko

What You’ll Get

Hands-on, personalized attention

A beautiful site at an affordable price
Hands-on learning, screen-sharing with step-by-step instructions
Infinite replays
Training to ensure that you can maintain your site
Access to us, we’ll support you through the course

Still have questions?


On-demand. Watch at your own pace.

Based on our In-Person workshop with the added bonus of access to lesson replays.

Indicate your interest

We’ll send you an email with info as soon as we’re ready to launch.

WordPress for Artists 1-day Workshop

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