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A Guide to Pinterest Group Board Etiquette

Pinterest Group Board Etiquette - 5 dos and 5 donts

Group boards are a great way for new Pinterest accounts to build a following and get their pins seen.

Your Pins on Group boards will show up in the feed of all of the board’s followers, extending your reach to a wider Pinterest audience.

In this Guide to Pinterest Group Board Etiquette we give you tips to be a good group board pinner.

When everyone pins for the collective good not their own interests, the Pinterest Group Board is a better resource.

Finding and Joining a Group Pinterest Board

group board icon

You can distinguish between a regular board and a group board by looking for the group icon.

Group boards are by invitation only. If you want to join a group board you must first follow the board and then request that the board owner invite you to pin. Most group boards will provide instructions in the description to tell you how to request an invitation.

TIP:  The board owner will be the first one listed in the board members list.

Once you’ve been added to the board it will appear in your account.

Be selective in your board choices. Remember they will show up in your account.

Group Board Etiquette – 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts

5 Dos

  1. Look at what others are pinning and get a feel for the board style. Add pins that are appropriate for the board and its audience.
  2. Engage with content others have pinned on the board – Like, Repin and Comment. Before pinning from your own blog,  repin three pins from the board to your own boards.
  3. Pin great content that isn’t your own. It’s fine to first pin the content to one of your own boards and then Repin it from your board to the group board.
  4. Take time to check if a pin is already in the board before you pin it
  5. Check the source link before you pin.  The quality of the pins on the board matters and you don’t want to be kicked off the board by the board owner for a broken or spammy link

5 Don’ts

  1. Don’t pin off-topic pins
  2. Don’t monopolize the board with your pins. Spread pins out throughout the day – we suggest that you use a tool like Tailwind or Buffer to schedule pins
  3. Don’t pin images that have already been pinned within the last 50 pins. If you want to repin images that you have previously pinned, go back and delete the old pin or wait awhile.
  4. Don’t just pin your own content – Of course you will want to pin your own content but do so in moderation
  5. Don’t invite someone to a group board you don’t own without the permission of the board owner
When everyone pins for the collective good, not their own interests, the #Pinterest Group Board is a better resource

In our next Pinterest Post, we will show you how to create your own Pinterest group board and give you 5 tips for managing it.

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